Boiler Spare Parts

Find all of the Boiler Spare Parts, youll need for the installation and repairing of boilers as well as central heating systems. The parts assist the enclosed vessels to heat and circulate the hot water, properly. Provide products capably assist the the the boilers to generate steam for its utilization in sterilization, drying, space heating, power generation and humidification.

Chinese Esp Spares

We offer Electrostatic Precipitators Spare Parts, which enable the working of filtration devices and assist in the removal of fine particles such as debris or smoke. Provided parts are capable to maintain the normal resistivity, high resistivity, collection efficiency, dust layer action and low resistivity of the precipitators. Offered spare parts are resistant to corrosion and come with adequate tensile strength.

Esp Heaters

Standing as the most essential parts of ESP, ESP Heaters are placed at the bottom of of the devices. The use of these heaters is to heat the hopper so as to prevent moisture and remove fly ash. These can be included with reflector plates for proffering an efficient heating.


Bag Supporting Filter Cages

We provide best quality Filter Cages, which are exclusively utilized in steel power stations, cement industry, coal fired power stations, paper industry aluminium industry and several other industrial segments. Proffered with double filtration areas, in the same location, these proffer reduction in cleaning necessities and frequency. Provided with overall system resistance, these are available with augmented system productivity.

ESP Inspection Services

We offer ESP Insulators, which are the essential components of the electrostatic precipitator units. Made of particular ceramic materials, these are used to remove the dust on the assembling electrodes. Supplying insulation to the hammer rapping motors, these are resistant to thermal shock and cracking. Provided with good insulating ability, these have resistance at elevated temperatures.

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